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Quotes A sister in the Lord was told by the doctors that she could not have children. She was married over 12 years, had miscarriages and never gave birth to a child. Unaware of her situation, I went up to this woman and prayed for her "womb to open up". A year later she conceived a child. Two years later, she is a happy mother of a beautiful baby boy! Quotes
Sis. Lizzol
To God Be The Glory!

Quotes On May 29, 2010 over 5,000 people attended an evangelistic crusade in Madison Square Garden, NYC. There, we witnessed at least 200 souls raise their hands proclaiming that they were filled with the Gift of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking with other tongues! We are so excited about this because we have evangelized the streets of NYC for years. Seeds that were planted years ago are ready to be harvested. Let us continue to pray for revival in Long Island! Quotes
Pastor Lizzol
Journey To Experience

Quotes I was scheduled for another operation on my heart. The Sunday before the surgery, I asked the church to pray for me. One of the members asked God to give me a "new heart". The next day, the doctors did some more testing and declared that my heart is fine. Thank God the doctors decided I did not need another open heart surgery. Quotes
Mushir Jalal

Quotes When I was baptized in Jesus name my ear infection cleared up. Quotes
Far-hut Joan

Quotes I just want to thank God that through this ministry my mother dedicated her life to Jesus Christ about a year before she died. I have been witnessing to her for 18 years. Quotes
Sis. Diane